Silent Cupboard

For everyone it was just an old fashioned cupboard carved in wall some 50 years ago. But not for me, for me it was a portal, portal to infinite moments it had witnessed and kept them hidden in itself. For me it was a box, may be pandora’s, filled with memories some bitter some sweet.ancient-cabinet-thailand-style-in-background-of-white-wall-with-copy-eagrgt

I thought of all the farewells it might have witnessed, of all the hugs it might have seen, all the heart ache’s it might have had the displeasure to see and save in itself.                         I wondered what it would say if it could speak. Whether it would laugh or weep? or maybe it would tell us about all the books which once were its best of buddies. I wonder how many people, it might have seen come and go and how many of them would have even noticed it. It was a wormhole to another dimension, a dimension where there were secrets kept secret from decades, where there were tears of failed love stories, where there were carefree laughs with friends, where there were first kisses of those once young and in love, hidden away from plain sight. A dimension i would very much like to visit. Then i wondered everything has some story to tell, some complains to make but sadly, most of them can not do it.
Suddenly the bell rang and everyone hushed out of that old giant classroom………